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How a Drug Defense Lawyer Can Help You.

A drug defense cases involves many steps. If you have been arrested for use or possession of drugs, then you should be aware of these proceedings. And not only that, but you need the services of a good legal representative who can act on your behalf. Your drug defense attorney should get a copy of your arrest warrant. If you don’t have a copy yourself, then this can easily be secured from the clerk of court’s office.

It is important for a drug defense attorney to know the circumstances of your arrest and this is the reason why this document is important. The reason for this is that the name of the apprehending officer and the charges filed against you are indicated in these documents. In the law, you cannot be arrested and have your home examined and seized for drugs if there was no search warrant issues, and this is what your drug defense lawyer wants to find out. You attorney will have the needed information regarding the evidence of your possession of illegal drugs. The outcome of your case is highly dependent on these evidences. Your attorney will examine these documents and question them in court. A good attorney will find a way to weaken the impact of the evidence so that the possible charges against you are reduced or better, he will find a way to dismiss all charges. But it is very crucial for your drug defense attorney to be present immediately after the arrest permit is given to the client.

Meeting your arresting officer is what you attorney will do once he has received al the pertinent documents. Possession of a certain quantity of illegal drugs will give arresting officers enough ground to arrest you. It is lawful for police officers to make an immediately arrest when someone is caught in possession of illegal drugs, which is also enough to convince you of your guilty. Most police officers and investigators would also assume that there is a larger system of drug dealings behind you. This is why police officers may talk to your drug defense attorney if you can act as a witness to testify against other drug dealers. But this opportunity will last only within a short time. Otherwise, you will be tried as the accused in this case.

Some of the questions that a drug defense lawyer asks an arresting officer includes the time of the arrest, involvement of an undercover agent, issuance of a search warrant, involvement of money, and the statement you made to the officer. Arresting other persons at the same time can make the case complicated. You can deny ownership of the drugs discovered and seized at the scene. You can simply accuse another person of possession of the illegal drugs. This can easily be settled if the statements given do not contradict each other. But if there are conflicting statements then further investigations have to be conducted.

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