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How to Kiss

In our day to day living, we show love in the following ways; giving service, kissing, using polite and kind words, volunteering, giving gifts and showing appreciation. In this article, we shall look at kissing. During kissing, two people touch each other’s lips using their own lips. Objects such as rosaries can also be kissed by pressing lips against them. In other setups, kissing can also show greetings, good luck, devotion, romance, peace, and friendship. French kiss, vampire kiss, earlobe kiss and hand on the kiss ate the common romantic kisses. In order to effectively show love and affection, you need to prepare for a kiss. In order to have a good kiss, you should follow the following steps.

First, show that you are interested in kissing by dropping some hints. Instead of using word of mouth to request for a kiss, please use hints and signals. The most important hint is to look at your partner’s lips. A compliment about the lips is also effective. Your own lips should also look smooth and appealing therefore you should use some lip balm. You should also have a fresh breath hence you should use some mints and gums. You should chew the mint and the gum appropriately in order to avoid spitting it awkwardly.

Second, break the barrier. It is good to test the waters before you deep you two legs, therefore, you determine if your partner is also interested. In order to determine if your partner is interested in kissing, please kiss his/her hand or cheek. When your partner reacts positively, you are lucky. In case your partner reacts negatively to your touch, you should avoid the mouth kiss.

Giving compliments is also an important step in kissing. The compliments will help you to set the mood for a kiss. In case you give sincere and good compliments, your partner will be unable to resist your kiss. The compliments should be given in a romantic way. A low volume and a good tone are very effective. Some of the best compliments are; “You look beautiful,” “Your eyes and lips drive me crazy” and “I like your smile.”

In case the above steps have failed, you should ask for a kiss by a word of mouth. If your hints and signs have not worked, go ahead and request for a kiss. Find the best words you should use to request for a kiss.

The last step is to go in for a kiss. If you partner responds positively, you should kiss him/her immediately. In order to prove to your partner that you are a good kisser, please employ the best kissing methods. Good kissers will move closer, lean in for a kiss and react calm.

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